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Spray Tanning myths you should disregard.

Spray tanning may be one of today’s hottest beauty trends. There are many misconceptions out there that can make clients feel nervous about booking a professional spray tanning session. Here are a few myth busters that may help you decide if spray tanning is the right option for your body and lifestyle.

1. Spray tans look blotchy and uneven.

There is nothing blotchy and uneven about a spray tan performed by a true spray tanning expert. When the spray tan mist is sprayed directly on your skin at a high speed, there is no color run off. I compare spray tanning to painting your nails. There is a certain technique with drying in between layers that will help your spray tan look very natural and help solution dry very quickly. Professional solutions are formulated to dry fast, so you can go about your day within a few minutes after your spray. If you are worried about the spray gathering in areas where it can look unnatural, protect them with barrier cream and make sure to carefully wipe away spray mist with baby wipes. (Cuticles, palm, between fingers, heel, toes etc.)

2. Spray tans look unnatural.

The biggest reasons why clients hesitate to get a spray tan is because they are afraid it will turn their skin into an unnatural shade of orange. This is simple and can be controlled by using High-quality tanning solutions like the one we use. Our solution is premium organic solution with violet and brown tone bronzers that develops beautifully. These high end solutions are specifically developed with color guards that work with unique skin tones to develop a tan that looks healthy and natural. My advice to anyone who is hesitant is to start by doing a single light layer to experience a natural bronzed glow. The beauty of starting with a natural color, is that you can always go back and go darker. When it starts to fade it is not at noticeable. If you are nervous about choosing the right shade at your first appointment, our spray tan experts will always help you chose the right color for your skin type or special event. Dark spray tans should only be chosen by advanced spray tanners who understand pre and post care or clients who already have a dark base tan to begin with. Spray tans will give you a boost of confidence as they are an instant gratification. If you are active and work out a lot, spray tanning may only work for special events as sweating will fade the spray tan quickly. But remember that a skilled spray tan artist can contour your body and accentuate your body features for a poolside event, wedding or special occasion. Follow post care instructions carefully and do not cut the development too short as this can also cause an orange effect.

3. Spray tans are dangerous.

Spray tan solution can potentially be harmful if you swallow a large amount of tanning mist during the application. Cheap solutions can contains active chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. You can avoid any potential side effects by covering your mouth, using goggle eyes and nose filters while spraying. During a quick spray if you use these methods spray tanning is very safe. At The Tanning Boutique our spray tan solutions are organic, 100% vegan, paraban free, gluten free, nut & allergen free. Depending on your skin type, ongoing exposure to UV rays can cause significant damage to your skin, so spray tanning is a healthy alternative.

4. Spray tans are not worth it because they fade quickly.

The lifespan of a spray tan is directly related to skin prep and skin care. Exfoliating before spray tanning allows for you to provide your spray tan artist with a blank canvas for even absorption. I recommend a hydrating vitamin prep spray before your spray tan. This mist will balance out your amino acid levels if you tend to have dry or oily skin. Do a light rinse during your showers and moisturizing your skin on a regular basis to make sure your skin dos not dry out. Lastly, you can extend the life of your spray tan by using a spray tan extender product.

Remember that no spray tan is perfect, but understanding the process is key. Don't be afraid to ask questions as we are the experts and are happy to assist in giving you amazing tanning results!

Happy Spray Tanning..

The Tanning Boutique, West Beverly Hills

1132 Westwood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Visit our website or social media IG page @TheTanningBoutiqueLA to view before and after pictures of our amazing clients showcasing their post spray tan results!

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