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European UV Sunbeds 

Level 3

Level 4

Level 4

Level 5

Level 5

Level 5

Our high pressure bronzing stand up or lay down level 5 system is simply magical. The magic 636 is the most powerful tanning bed on the planet! This Sun Italia tanning bed is like no other; offering a relaxing yet powerful experience with less reddening rays. Our level 5 tanning beds are breathtakingly simple to operate, with an open design to dispel any fears of claustrophobia. This intense bronzing bed offers a major advantage to anyone looking to take their tan to the next level, FASTER!

Features Include:
-12 minute maximum tan time
-36 UVA High Pressure Lamps (36,000 watts of power)
-Stand up and lay down bed options
-Individual safety switch for each UV filter and temperature sensors
-360 Degree tanning experience
-Air Conditioned
-Adjustable levels for facial tanning
-Only 0.5% UVB! Lower UVB levels prevent redness and ensure a deeper bronze tan
-~2-4 sessions a month to maintain tan
-Good for bronzing and a longer lasting tan after a base tan is built

Level 4

Our VIP system beds are each equipped with special features which put them a step above the rest. A perfect ratio of bronzing UV rays helps you to build a base tan in just 2 to 4 sessions!  

-12 minute maximum tan time
-Lay down bed options with access to level 3 stand up.
-~2 to 4 sessions to achieve a base tan
-~1-2 session a week to maintain a tan
-Stronger bulbs than level 3
-Adjustable levels for facial tanning
-4% UVB. Many suggest this is the perfect amount of UVB to start a base tan while lowering the risk of redness

Level 3

Our level 3 beds are equipped with strong body and facial tanners to get you a base tan in 4 to 6 sessions. This level offers both lay down and stand up options in an air conditioned environment. These beds are not only great for building a strong base tan, but they are perfect for maintaining a flawless golden glow!

-10-12 minute maximum tan time (varies by bed)
-~4 to 6 sessions to achieve a base tan
-~2-3 sessions a week to maintain a tan
-Stand up and lay down bed options
-12% UVB (redness causing rays)
-Facial tanners included
-Air-conditioned environment
-Good for building a base tan

Desingner Tan

Our designer tan is a work of scientific genius. Stimulate your level 5 stand up tan with a session in one of our level 4 beds. It’s the best way to get dark, fast!

  • 2 to 3 sessions to achieve a base tan

  • 2 to 4 sessions a month to maintain a bronze glow

  • Helps minimize reddening of the skin

  • 12 minute tan time with a perfect 360 tan.

  • Touch less Stand up environment

Cocktail Tan

Our Cocktail Tan gives you the ultimate experience! With one UV tanning session and one heated Pura Automated Spray Tan, you will receive maximum results. Our Cocktail Tan is guaranteed to be the best of both worlds!

-1 session in a UV tanning bed to build a base underneath your spray tan
-UV sessions open pores and warms the skin which allows the spray tan to absorb evenly
-UV session is followed by 1 Heated Pura Automated Spray Tan to achieve maximum tanning results


We offer single sessions, packages that do not expire & month to month unlimited memberships.  Call us for pricing 310-208-6161

*Results vary, please see disclaimer pdf


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