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Maintaining your spray tan...

I got home from getting a spray tan where all I was told was to wear lose fitting clothing and to wait eight long hours before I shower.

During the wait I remember feeling like everything I was doing was going to mess up this beautiful spray tan. I freaked out because I put my necklace back on and the spray tan artist kept reassuring me that it was just the bronzer that had shifted. "I dried you well, so don't worry" she said.

What I didn't know, was that the bronzer is just a cometic that was added to the solution to give me an instant bronzed glow. The solution itself is what develops by dying the dead skin cells on my body.

Here are some easy steps to achieving the perfect post spray tan:

1) Your first shower is just a RINSE! The faster the rinse, the better. Use your hands or a soft wash cloth to gently rinse the bronzer off of your body. You will see it go down the drain.

2) During that first rinse, scrubbing is only allowed on the PITS & PRIVATES. (Whores bath is what they called it back in the days lol.)

3) Same goes for soap... only use it on the PITS & PRIVATES. Using soap can mess with the development of the spray tan solution. Keep in mind most solutions will take up to 24 hours for full development. I recommend Norvell cleansing GEL... Bars of soap or any other harsh soaps will strip the solution off.

4) Wait 24 hours after your spray tan to start using moisturizer. It is best to use oil & sulfate free lotions to prevent again messing with the development of the spray tan. (My favorite is Skin Renewing Body butter by Norvell.)

5) Moisturize... Moisturize... Moisturize! Keeping your skin looking vibrant will make the tan look flawless. Dry skin will flake and will look dull. If you choose to use a lotion extender, make sure you spread it on evenly and wash your hands after. This will prolong the life of your tan (I recommend, Venetian Lotion Extender.

Enjoy your beautiful spray tan!


Erica XO

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